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Latest News

•The Midland Premier Walking Football League


January results saw the Senior Spireites win one and lose one, and retain fourth place in the table with 16 points from 10 games.

Chesterfield Senior Spireites had a mixed afternoon in Nottingham, having lost a difficult opening game 0-4 against a strong Boston United team, who having benefitted from a goal inside ten seconds before our lads settled then looked to their 'keeper to keep them in front before finishing comfortable winners. In the second game, against Chilwell, Steve Housely put the Spireites in front yet despite playing the better football we found ourselves 1-2 down just after half time. Two more goals from Steve to complete his hat-trick ensured we were rightly back in charge and further goals in the closing minutes from Rob Church and Pete Jacques put the icing on the win. Praise too for 'keeper Keith Arrowsmith who made a couple of excellent second half saves with the game balanced evenly to keep us on course for a good win.

Previous results were: v Boston United, Drawn 2-2 (Pete Jacques, Steve Housely)

v Chilwell Won 3-1 (John Quinn 2, Pete Jacques)

v Stamford Strollers Lost 0-3

v Nottingham Bramcote Lost 1-7 (Rob Church )

v Oakham Catmose Won 3-1 (Mark Griffiths, Pete Jacques, John Quinn)

v Leicester Lost 1-3 (Pete Jacques)

v Hucknall Won 4-0 (Mark Griffiths, Pete Jacques, Rob Church, Steve Housley)

v Matlock Arc Won 4-3 (Mark Griffiths, Pete Jacques 3)

•Pete Tonge's Injury

Goalkeeper Pete, who as many of you know all too well has shown himself an excellent showstopper on more times than anyone can remember, suffered a broken leg in a game at the Akademy on Monday, December 9. This was, as Pete himself will tell you, not the fault of anyone on the field. He twisted making a save from a deflected shot and his lower right leg was broken just above the ankle. We all had a tense wait for the ambulance to arrive and take Pete to hospital, and it was quite a sight to see him lying under so many blankets. Perhaps not surprisingly given his splendid character, Pete remained cheerful throughout the long wait and many jokes were exchanged with those Senior Spireites who waited to make sure he was as okay and as comfortable as we could manage. The good news is he is being well-looked after in hospital and has already said he now has an incentive to get back to full fitness and resume his playing career. We look forward to his return. A photo of him being helped by the ambulance crew is on the photos page, as is the team photo from the December games in the Midland Premier League, featuring Pete of course whose tremendous saves ensured a victory over old rivals Matlock.

Pete is now at home, looking forward to a full recovery and return to playing.


•Notes from the Referees meeting October 28th. These have been emailed to members but are listed here.


1. Although the WFA playing rules now allow scoring a goal from any outfield area of the pitch we agreed unanimously to continue playing with our rule of only being able to score from the opposition half. This is because it encourages a more passing game and gets everyone involved more in the game.

2. Players with the ball in the corner or facing the fencing must be allowed to turn before a challenge for the ball is made. Only one player at a time may challenge in these circumstances. This is for safety reasons. Also players are not allowed to hold on to the fencing, except to stop themselves from falling. However, should a player on a team in the lead deliberately go to the corner to waste time and avoid being challenged and may be regarded that as unsporting behaviour and the ball given to the opposition. 

3. The people who give up 25% of their playing time each month to referee deserve respect and co-operation from the players. We recognise that we make mistakes sometimes (both when playing and refereeing) but the referee's decision must be accepted. Dissent towards a referee's decision will result in a warning and any continuing, or further, dissent is likely to result in a blue card, giving two minutes off the pitch to calm down, which will, obviously, impact on your team-mates. None of us like sending players off in our own sessions but we will if necessary.

4. If a player falls and the referee is uncertain whether he is OK, the game will be stopped until he is checked out. On restart, the ball will be returned to the side which had possession. This is to ensure player safety.

5. If the ball strikes the referee, causing the team in possession to lose it, play will stop and restart with a drop ball, giving it back to the team which had possession. Drop balls will always be uncontested in line with the new FA rules. 

6. The WFA rules state that when the game is stopped by a whistle from the referee it must be re-started in the same way. This has sometimes not been enforced but it was agreed that if the offence is by defenders in their own half of the pitch it should be enforced in future. If a kick is taken before the whistle is blown the free kick will be reversed (Other team takes free kick). 

7. Penalty takers must place the ball on the penalty spot, take one step back and may only take one step forward before striking the ball.