Senior Spireites Code of Conduct

​The emphasis of Walking Football is competing for your team in a fun and relaxed

atmosphere. Winning is the aim but not the ‘be all and end all’ and playing the game

fairly to the best of your ability is the priority. Although it is competitive it should be

played in a spirit of sportsmanship with good humour and respect for fellow players.

The aim is to foster friendship and enjoyment for men and women of all skill levels.

All players should recognise that some players may be slow, clumsy or occasionally

just bigger than them and recognise that any foul committed is unlikely to be either

intentional or malicious. However, tempering one's play to accommodate one's

opponent's deficiencies may be prudent.

A referee with audible whistle is preferable whenever possible and the referee's

interpretation of the prevailing rules of a particular match should not be disputed.

Fair low-impact tackles are allowed but physical contact such as nudging, pushing,

blocking or late tackles will be deemed a foul. Slide tackles are forbidden.

Aggressive play such as flailing arms and use of elbows should be penalised.

Hanging on to or otherwise using the fence, where applicable, may be penalised. Play

near the fence may be halted in the interest of safety, play resuming via the nearest

goalkeeper. If a player is trapped in the corner of a fence they should be allowed out

by the opposing players, or the ball may be given to the nearest goalkeeper.

If a player falls over play should be halted in the interest of safety, play resuming with

possession awarded at the referee's discretion.

If a player suffers a foul they should never retaliate (it may deservedly result in their

dismissal). If subjected to constant or continuous foul play they can try speaking

calmly to the offending player, draw the matter to the referee's attention, or try

moving to another area of the field, or swapping positions if they feel themselves

getting angry. As a last resort they should remove themselves from the field of play in

a quiet and calm manner if they fear the risk of serious injury.

Abusive behaviour or dissent should result in dismissal.