Privacy Policy

This site is primarily designed for use by members of the Senior Spireites walking football club, and to inform others of the opportunities available to members. An application to join the club is required on the club's application form and once accepted as a playing member the member's data from the application form is added in the Member's Page. This allows members to contact each other and stores emergency details in case it is needed. An application for membership of this site may be made by a playing member of the club by entering a password and once accepted as a site member this password will give access to the Member's Page where the data can be checked. If any of the data is incorrect, or if the member wishes some, or all, of the data to be removed they should contact the club secretary and / or the web site manager, if different. Anyone leaving the club will have their personal data removed from the Member's Page, and their log-in blocked, but they are entitled to request, and have confirmed, that all their personal data has been removed. 

If non-members contact this web site their e-mail address may be retained to allow replies to be sent. If they wish such data to be removed they should contact the web site with this request. No site membership is available to non club members.